After ten years…

After 10 years standing before me, it’s time to say goodbay! After a long service my aluminium Manfrotto tripod is damaged. One leg is bent and give me an instable balance when I take photos. Repair is no option… to expensive.

I’ve a lot of fun with this tripod. It’s not only my tripod, but also my walking stick. When I walked thru the mountains, steep dunes and uneven hiking trails. The aluminium tripod from Manfrotto is so strong, but also heavy.

And with my health and from time to time some back problems it ’s time for something lighter. For me it was very difficult to make the right choice. I want an another tripod for the next 10 years. So, I need some advice and called for some help to And they give me some good advice. So, it became a Benro tripod.

To be exactly a Benro Travel angel FTA29CV1.

My first impression are very good. It is light… It is stable… For me very important. So… The Benro tripod is my new buddy on my next 10 years photography adventures…

Can’t wait for some nice walks at the coast of the Netherlands, United Kingdom and many more places… 🙂


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