I regularly receive various questions about landscape photography by email. Below I will answer the most frequently asked questions. Do you have a question? Please contact me via the contact page.

I have given this in the past. Unfortunately my health has deteriorated and my the family situation has changed. I've no longer the time and energy to give lectures and workshops.
No, de brands / resellers don't pay me. Sometimes I can keep the product, but in general, just like most people, I just have to pay for it.
No, this is not my job. It's just a hobby.
I try to make the photo as good as possible outside of the photo. For this, I use, among other things, gray gradient filters. After this I edit the photo to my own taste. But I try to limit this as much as possible so that it doesn't get too much.
In principle not. I need occasionally new material, and photo equipment costs money. But ... you can always ask. Please contact me via the contact page.
Yes, all photo's are made by myself.