Magnetic Filter Holder


To use the H&Y K-Series system, you need the H&Y filter holder. All filters from the K-series can be magnetically attached to this filter holder. 4 adapter rings (67, 72, 77, 82 mm) are supplied with this holder for filters.
Also included with this filter holder is a circular polarization filter. This round filter gives you the filter holder and via the handy wheel on the filter you can always set the desired polarization effect.
H & Y also has a number of round gray filters and ND / pol combinations that can click into the holder. Because you place the rectangular gray gradient filters in front of the polarization filter, the effect of both filters is maintained.
Do you want to use this system, but do you already have square or rectangular filters? Then there are loose magnetic frames available, where you can click your own filters.
 Brand H&Y Model K-series Name Filter Holder for 100mm
Material of Holder Aviation Aluminium Material of CPL Germany Schott B270 Glass Coating Multilayer coating
Net weight 0.3kg Applicable square filters: width of 100mm Available Dia 67 / 72 / 77 / 82 mm

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