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When evening falls at Kinderdijk

Some time back had a wonderful evening at Kinderdijk. It remains a beautiful, unique location. All the famous mills, so close to my own front door. It’s good that they are on the UNESCO World Heritage List. In this way they are protected and area not fully built with homes and industry.

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Soft Mood

A beautiful morning at the coast nearby Breskens. This spot is called ‘t Killetje. I have a lovely morning and shot also a small movie. Hope you like it!

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Several weekends ago we were a few days in Breskens, Zeeuws-Vlaanderen in Zeeland. A few days at the coast. Love it 😉

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Kinderdijk mirrored!

Some time ago I visited Kinderdijk. I had several at pictures of Kinderdijk with a nice layer of ice on the river. Unfortunately I got no “wow” feeling. They were okay but not more than that…

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Storm at Vlissingen

Last weekend driving to Vlissingen. Many weather stations predicted bad weather. Lots of snow, hail and a good storm with springtide.

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