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Surrounded by grace

There are those mornings that, while photography at sunrise, you feel completely surrounded by grace. Similarly this morning near the Berwickshire coastal path at Eyemouth.

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Tantallon castle

This location was high on my list for photography during our stay in Scotland: Tantallon Castle near North Berwick in East Lothian. Beautiful castle on a cliff at the North Sea. The rocks in the bay were amazing.

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When the earth awakens

It makes me still… When the earth awakens… It reminds me how great is Thou art… That’s my conclusion after a very nice stay at the Scottish Border with his fabulous coastline.

In this holiday I also tested and reviewd more about the H&Y Filter System.

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Review Samyang lenses

When switching to another brand of camera, I switched also to Samyang lenses. At first a little anxious transition. I had to focus manually(!)… Because that was the consequence. But how glad I am, that I did this!

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He is faithful!

On 28 january of this year, it was a windy stormy day. On such moments, de sea is calling to me. With some preparations I jump in to the car and drive to Domburg. After a drive of 1,5 hour I arrived. Some wonderful skies flies over me. I feel some happines in me. I love this kind of conditions.

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God’s light

You have those days …. Beautiful skies, beautiful location …. But whatever you try photographically, it does not matter. Now, this was such a day. Nothing worked.

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Stand strong… – part 2

It was a struggeling to get this image right. The conditions on locations where great. But it was to early tin the morning to work with the rigth settings to get a decent histogram. So… I worked with a F5.6 and a higher ISO. From ISO 640 to ISO1000.

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Stand strong… – part 1

With my family we stayd for a week at Dishoek, nearby Vlissingen. A whole week at the most beautiful coastline from the Netherlands. In my opinion then 😉

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