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God’s light

You have those days …. Beautiful skies, beautiful location …. But whatever you try photographically, it does not matter. Now, this was such a day. Nothing worked.

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Stand strong… when time flies away! – part 2

It was a struggeling to get this image right. The conditions on locations where great. But it was to early tin the morning to work with the rigth settings to get a decent histogram. So… I worked with a F5.6 and a higher ISO. From ISO 640 to ISO1000.

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Simple – Fly with the clouds

No diffelcult composition, it was a easy shot with my 50mm Samyang lens. I saw the clouds and I’ve to take this shot. I love the softness… It was a great sunrise at the Walcheren coast of Zeeland. Strong wind, nice cloudformation…. More soon 😉

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Feeling free at the Dutch coast – part 2

It was a great morning at the coast nearby Westenschouwen. Sometimes it is hard work to get one images, other times the images come te me 😉 This was so morning. Beautiful skies passing me. Great foreground for nice compositions….

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Feeling free at the Dutch coast – part 1

Nothing feel so good… so good… at an early morning standing at the Dutch coast. Watching the sunrise… when the clouds flies over me. Hear the first sound of the birds, singing their morning song…. On that moment I feel free.

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After the glory

In 2012 I photographed the shipwreck Duffy. I was deeply impressed by this wreck in the Westerschelde near Hansweert. The conditions weren’t optimal. Then I thought, I have to photograph this wreck once again. More than 6 years later it was finally time.

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Medival times

A spontaneous weekend away … with the family and my best friend. In one word … Great! Pack things and head for Cochem. For us it is the sixth time we come here, for him the first. Can we play equally as a guide …

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