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Dutch coast – part 2

It was a great morning at the coast nearby Westenschouwen. Sometimes it is hard work to get one images, other times the images come te me 😉 This was so morning. Beautiful skies passing me. Great foreground for nice compositions….

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Feeling free at the Dutch coast – part 1

Nothing feel so good… so good… at an early morning standing at the Dutch coast. Watching the sunrise… when the clouds flies over me. Hear the first sound of the birds, singing their morning song…. On that moment I feel free.

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After the glory

In 2012 I photographed the shipwreck Duffy. I was deeply impressed by this wreck in the Westerschelde near Hansweert. The conditions weren’t optimal. Then I thought, I have to photograph this wreck once again. More than 6 years later it was finally time.

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Medieval times

A spontaneous weekend away … with the family and my best friend. In one word … Great! Pack things and head for Cochem. For us it is the sixth time we come here, for him the first. Can we play equally as a guide …

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See the light, hear His voice

And then…. Then I see some lightning on the right side of me. What happens? Thunder and rain are rolling in…. Just beside me…. Flowing directly to Zierekzee. The colours in the sky where amazing. Quickly I took all my gear and run to the top of the dike. It was a little challange to find a nice composition…

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The stairs to nowhere

I have a long time this location on my list. The Zeelandbrug photographed from this side at Schouwen-Duiveland. Many photographers, also I did it to, photograph the Zeelandbrug from the other side, nearby Colijnsplaat. Why?

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Stand Alone

Finally! Clouds! And a little bit cooler… But then… My body (Sugar values, because I’m a Diabetic) have it hard. Low sugars… I need a reset 😉

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Here I stand

I love this shot. The composition, the foreground, the sky… It makes or breaks a photo. For this one, yes, it makes! The location is the same as “Founding tranquility for my heart” photo. Nearby our holiday home at Porthcawl, South Wales.

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