Since I made the switch from my Sony cameras to Fujifilm cameras, I also use other lenses. For years I was a very happy using Sigma lenses. Unfortunately, the Sigma lenses do not have Fujifilm mounts. Otherwise I was never switched.

When switching to another brand of camera, I switched also to Samyang lenses. At first a little anxious transition. I had to focus manually(!)… Because that was the consequence. But how glad I am, that I did this!

Why? I now really feel to like photographing. By focusing manually you need the full 100% attention. You are super concentrated in the field.

Another plus is, the photos are super sharp. I am (still) amazed at the sharpness, from the center of the image to the corners. And that with a single photo. So not blended a few photos for sharpness.

Which lens do I use the most now?

I use the 12 mm lens the most. I love the vastness. This lens is therefore about 90% of the photo shoots on my camera.

I also use the 35 and 50 mm lenses occasionally for ‘normal’ photographs. But the most I use these photos for panoramas. This is almost impossible to do with a 12mm lens. This is partly due to a bit of distortion, due to the vastness.

I actually use the 85 mm only occasionally. Especially in the forest with beautiful lanes…

I hope you have something about this. Now you know and understand why I use Samyang lenses. If there are any questions you can contact me.