Stand strong… when time flies away! – part 1

With my family we stayd for a week at Dishoek, nearby Vlissingen. A whole week at the most beautiful coastline from the Netherlands. In my opinion then 😉 And I’ve to stand strong this morning. So… Stand strong…

Stand strong. This is a diptych. This is part 1. So, soon follow part 2. Now this story 😉

And what a week…. Some few photos where already passed on the social media. But yet there will follow more. So this one is from an autumn morning at the Boulevard of Vlissingen. This morning the tide was high and a storm is passing our coast. I love these conditions.


Storm at Westerschelde, North sea at Vlissingen, Harbour, Haven, Walcheren, Zeeland, Netherlands

I struggled with composition, settings, lenses and of course waves. Fighting agianst hte time. Soon the sun will rise and the light became harder and harder. I fight for what I was worth. And it makes me happy.

Strong lines and with the waves rolling in. Dark clouds fly over me. On the side are burning some lamps. It makes the photo for complete. What do you think?

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