Goodbye dreams

Goodbye dreams

I say goodbye to my dreams, but is this the end? My dreams are blowing away. Taken by the wind, unintentionally. I don’t really have anything to say about it. That’s how it feels…

Last week we went away. I was standing at the Veerse Meer. I choose a nice composition. The boulders along the water here were slop-sided. I used to stand here for an hour. Unfortunately my feet don’t want that anymore. After 5 minutes the pain came, after 10 minutes the pain expanded to my legs. Fifteen minutes later, since I stood there, I walked away from this beautiful composition. I went to stand on a flat beach. I made concessions to my composition. Fortunately, there was still a fairly beautiful sunset.

But then I knew for sure. I’ll have to say goodbye to my dreams. My head still wants to chase these dreams. My feet just can’t take it anymore. Neuropathy, or nerve damage, is a complication of diabetes for me. That’s why I say goodbye to my dreams.

My Google Map locations that I wanted to visit are now gone. Once there were 1000 locations throughout Europe. Then 427 locations, closer. Countries I once definitely wanted to visit. Now it’s gone. I just couldn’t bear to see them. Did this clear the sky for me? In one way, yes. Although it still hurts…

Is this the end then? The end of my photography? No, it’s not the end. But I’ll say goodbye to my dreams. New photos will be added in the near future. And I will continue to sell via With that money I’m still dreaming a bit. Dreaming to keep visiting the most beautiful places in our country 😉