Dishoek, Zeeland, Netherlands

“Love and passion to photography the beauty of the finest landscapes”

Dutch landscape photographer
Sander Poppe

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For some time I walk with a photo in my head. Beautiful composition, beautiful air. It is a panorama photo of Dishoek. Return to the Dishoek story. After a number of visits, including a long weekend, I still did not succeed. The weather wasn’t very great…Mist, dull weather… Until a few days back!

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Smashed again

Smashed again Last weekend we visited Scheveningen. There was a "little" storm. This was a nice opportunity to make a nice photo from the pier, at the harbour.   The wind make me totally...

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After ten years…

After 10 years standing before me, it’s time to say goodbay! After a long service my aluminium Manfrotto tripod is damaged.

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Buy my work on canvas, aluminum, Xpozer, (framed) photo print or wallpaper, custom-made in Fine-Art quality.


Always want to learn to work with grey filters?

In my latest book I explain everything!

Meet the photographer

 Sander Poppe

Hi, thanks for stopping by my website. So, a few words about me… Sander Poppe is a landscape photographer from the Netherlands. He love to travel, that’s his passion to photograph the beauty of landscapes.

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