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Hello, thank you for stopping by on my website. I am a landscape photographer based in the Netherlands. When the sky starts to color in the morning or in the evening, it starts to itch me, and I have to go outside!


Feel the wind… taste the salt…. And watch the glorious coastlines of this world. I love to take photos from our Dutch coast, but also from rocky beaches… And not forget: old lighthouses! Come with me, and take a look 😉


Drops fall down, moss grows on the edges… Slippery paths… With my ankles in the flowing water…. Watching some miracles falls. Come and take this tour with me from the Breacon Beacons, Belgium Ardennes and more…

Lakes, rivers

Rivers… Lakes… That is typical Holland. We have always a fight with the water.  We Build dikes and bridges. We love it, we hate it… We live with it… But most of all these things: I like to take photos from it 🙂 So watch my portfolio from our lakes and rivers… From Holland and from byond.

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I feel honoured that people bought my photos for on there wall. To fill their homes and offices with nice colours from the loveliest sunsets and sunrises. These photos are my top four sales. Thank you for that! I appreciate it very much!

Neeltje Jans




Famous coastline



Walcheren, Zeeland



Dutch windmills


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Some photos have story, some new product have to be told… Come with me on my journeys and read it all in my blogs.

God’s light

You have those days …. Beautiful skies, beautiful location …. But whatever you try photographically, it does not matter. Now, this was such a day. Nothing worked.

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Stand strong… when time flies away! – part 2

It was a struggeling to get this image right. The conditions on locations where great. But it was to early tin the morning to work with the rigth settings to get a decent histogram. So… I worked with a F5.6 and a higher ISO. From ISO 640 to ISO1000.

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