World famous mills

Kinderdijk, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands

“Love and passion to photography the beauty of the finest landscapes”

Dutch landscape photographer
Sander Poppe

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Breathe again!

After writing my new book “Het grote filter boek”, finally a little bit more time. Time to make even more new photos. Hopefully, my health helps me a little. It’s time to breathe again!

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When storm arrives

Last Wednesday (13-09-2017) was the first autumn storm in the Netherlands. When I heard that this storm was coming on, I feel a nice tickle. What time is the flood? When is the storm at its furthest? All answers came together. Sunrise! A big smile appeared on my face 🙂

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Feeling happiness!

This photo is a typical Dutch, or must I say ‘Zeeuwse’ photo? The dunes, the beach and the North Sea: This is Zeeland! In my opinion: “the most beautiful province of all!”.

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Meet the photographer

 Sander Poppe

Hi, thanks for stopping by my website. So, a few words about me… Sander Poppe is a landscape photographer from the Netherlands. He love to travel, that’s his passion to photograph the beauty of landscapes.

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