United Kingdom

United Kingdom

We love to go on holiday to the United Kingdom. The nature is beautiful, the coastline is different every few kilometers and then the landscape … After every turn we are surprised by the varying beautiful beauty. From mountains, lakes and hills. And whether it’s England, Wales or Scotland, the people are friendly and hospitable. We could not have wished for a better vacation spot … And I can once again, again, and again take great landscape and seascape photos.

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Surrounded by grace

There are those mornings that, while photography at sunrise, you feel completely surrounded by grace. Similarly this morning near the Berwickshire coastal path at Eyemouth. The sea was calm this morning at the peninsula. I stand on the edge of a cliff. Looking over the North sea. There was only silence. Only a few birds […]

Tantallon castle

This location was high on my list for photography during our stay in Scotland! Location? Tantallon Castle near North Berwick in East Lothian. It’s a Beautiful castle on a cliff at the North Sea. The rocks in the bay were amazing. It was perhaps the most difficult place I have ever photographed. No, it wasn’t […]

When the earth awakens

It makes me still… When the earth awakens… It reminds me how great is Thou art… That’s my conclusion after a very nice stay at the Scottish Border with his fabulous coastline. A few weeks ago, we (my family and I) stays for our holiday in Scotland. Scotland… Glen Coe, Isle of Sky and the […]

Here I stand

I love this shot. The composition, the foreground, the sky… It makes or breaks a photo. For this one, yes, it makes! The location is the same as “Founding tranquility for my heart” photo. Nearby our holiday home at Porthcawl, South Wales. The rock in the middle would say: Here I stand! Between the rain, […]

Wash away

Another crazy title… What is he thinking? Yes, I know… In my last blog I told that I was strugle with my headache, sugars and more… So, I want create an end to this… Because, I can’t continu with telling all my troubles. You are walking, figurly, al away… So, wash away. Sometimes you need […]

Finding love

On this moment I struggle a lot. I have a headache, the last fhew weeks. Normaly you can say, that I have some problems with my forehead cavities. But with a check at the hospital, last year, they found out that I haven’t forehead cavities. So no forehead inflammation… And than my sugar. I’am a […]

Founding tranquility for my heart

We have some lovelly days at Trecco Bay. Blue sky, 20 – 25 degrees with a very soft wind. But as landscape photographer I want clouds! ?After one of those days, at the beginning of the evening there came some clouds. I take my gear and run to the beach (from our holiday house to […]

The Fountain of life

One of the reasons why I want to visit Wales are the Brecon Beacons… Okay, Snowdonia is also on the list, but not this vacation ? Why Brecon Beacons? I love to shoot landscape photos with water. If you follow me the last years, you will understand it. And the Brecon Beacons have area which called […]

There he stand

After the first beautiful sunset it takes a while to take the camera for the next evening. The skies where to clear… and in the evening arrived smog above the sea. Every day, every hour I checked the forecasts… finally the forecast show some clouds above Portland. The coast Durdle Door to kimmeridge the skies […]

Landscape wall prints

With a suitable work of landscape art, you can turn your interior into a match made in heaven. Because than is it fine to be at home!