Purple flower
Storm at Dutch coast
Wintermorning at Kinderdijk
Sunrise at lighthouse Breskens
Castle Neubourg at Gulpen

Landscape Photography

Hi, welcome on my website where you can watch and order my finest landscape and seascape photos.

I live nearby the Kinderdijk mills and I love to visit our Dutch coastline in Zeeland. Travelling is my second passion and I love to visit United Kingdom.

But I love more places… So, start the journey now and watch the beauty of His world.

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Landscape wall prints

With a suitable work of landscape art, you can turn your interior into a match made in heaven. Because than is it fine to be at home!

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Goodbye dreams

I say goodbye to my dreams, but is this the end? My dreams are blowing away. Taken by the wind, unintentionally. That’s how it feels…

A purple flower

I see you thinking. And yes, what you think is correct. Landscape photography is my passion. But this is a purple flower?

Wintermorning at Kinderdijk

It has been almost a year since we had these beautiful scenes at Kinderdijk. A lovely windy morning at the windmills.



Neeltje Jans

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