The world’s most beautiful mills may be in Kinderdijk. It is not for nothing that these mills are on the UNESCO World Heritage List. The nineteen mills are therefore worth a visit. Although nowadays you have to take into account some crowds because the tourists have found their way en masse to this beautiful part of the Netherlands.

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Wintermorning at Kinderdijk

It has been almost a year since we had these beautiful scenes at Kinderdijk. A lovely windy morning at the windmills.

I love it, I hate it

The Kinderdijk windmills are beautiful to see. The environment is fantastic. However… I love it, I hate it! But why? Sometimes it’s just too busy.

Glorious winter morning

It was the day after a minus 10 degrees night at Kinderdijk, South-Holland. The ice is too thin for ice skating. There where a few walkers, but for the rest it is peaceful. I like that, to enjoy a sunrise in my own. With my own thoughts, trying to make the best photo of this […]


Sometimes we need it. All of us. A time with calmness, reflection to find ourselves. We can’t do that in a place where it is busy. No, it must be a place where some quittnes is. On such a evening (when the corona pandamic rules, without a lot of tourists) you can find me at […]

Some happiness…

Sometimes you need it… Sometimes you can feel it… Some happiness… During this Corona crisis we all need this. This happiness I found on an evening at the Kinderdijk mills. A lovely sky, some wonderfull colors… Some happiness. I am privileged that the Kinderdijk windmills are in my front yard. A few steps and I […]

When evening falls at Kinderdijk

It was a wonderful skies when evening falls at Kinderdijk. Maybe not the famous composition, but I like this sunset very much. The colours and flowers where amazing. Just lovely ? Some time back had a wonderful evening at Kinderdijk. It remains a beautiful, unique location. All the famous mills, so close to my own […]

Kinderdijk mirrored

Some time ago I visited Kinderdijk. I had several at pictures of Kinderdijk with a nice layer of ice on the river. Unfortunately I got no “wow” feeling. They were okay but not more than that… But Kinderdijk let you surprise always happy. The ice was melting. If you look at the high-res photo (100%) […]

Landscape wall prints

With a suitable work of landscape art, you can turn your interior into a match made in heaven. Because than is it fine to be at home!