Zuid-Holland is the province where I also live. With perhaps the most famous place in the Netherlands, the Kinderdijk windmills. In addition, it is of course the province of the Randstad, but also the vast meadows are part of the province. But let’s not forget the beautiful coastline.

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Blogs from Zuid-Holland

Wintermorning at Kinderdijk

It has been almost a year since we had these beautiful scenes at Kinderdijk. A lovely windy morning at the windmills.

I love it, I hate it

The Kinderdijk windmills are beautiful to see. The environment is fantastic. However… I love it, I hate it! But why? Sometimes it’s just too busy.

Panorama Dordrecht

A beautiful panorama of Dordrecht. From the bridge to just past the Grote Kerk. Made from the Zwijndrecht.

Panorama Nieuwpoort

On a beautiful spring evening I was standing at one of the smallest fortified towns in the Netherlands, namely Nieuwpoort in Zuid-Holland.

Glorious winter morning

It was the day after a minus 10 degrees night at Kinderdijk, South-Holland. The ice is too thin for ice skating. There where a few walkers, but for the rest it is peaceful. I like that, to enjoy a sunrise in my own. With my own thoughts, trying to make the best photo of this […]


Sometimes we need it. All of us. A time with calmness, reflection to find ourselves. We can’t do that in a place where it is busy. No, it must be a place where some quittnes is. On such a evening (when the corona pandamic rules, without a lot of tourists) you can find me at […]

Some happiness…

Sometimes you need it… Sometimes you can feel it… Some happiness… During this Corona crisis we all need this. This happiness I found on an evening at the Kinderdijk mills. A lovely sky, some wonderfull colors… Some happiness. I am privileged that the Kinderdijk windmills are in my front yard. A few steps and I […]

Corona and diabetes

How are you now? A frequently asked question. Because I belong to the risk group. Do you want a true answer? Not really well on this moment. Okay, I feel pretty good. Am not sick… But…. How shall I say it. Struggle is the best word, I think. Fighting against myself. The world suffer with […]

Smashed again!

Last weekend we visited Scheveningen. There was a “little” storm. This was a nice opportunity to make a nice photo from the pier, at the harbour. The waves smashed again and again on the rocks from the pier at Scheveningen. It was a great sight! The wind make me totally wet, but it was worth […]

Landscape wall prints

With a suitable work of landscape art, you can turn your interior into a match made in heaven. Because than is it fine to be at home!