Corona and diabetes

Corona and diabetes

How are you now? A frequently asked question. Because I belong to the risk group. Do you want a true answer? Not really well on this moment. Okay, I feel pretty good. Am not sick… But…. How shall I say it. Struggle is the best word, I think. Fighting against myself. The world suffer with the corona virus, and I suffer too. Why?

The people who knows me, know that I’m diabetic. Since the start of the Corona virus in the Netherlands I work at home. So far, so good… But my sugar values are going up and down because I’m out of my daily routine. Not very good sugar values. And with these values my psychological conditions. My sugar is completely upset. Dark moods…

Finally lost some weight before corona, but since I’m out of my daily routine …

And then is our holiday cancelled. And what will my boss do after august? My one year contract will end then…The economy is turned upside down. I understand every decision… Although everyone understands that it also causes concerns. Okay, I know there are worsted things in these times. And everyones health is more important than anything else. I agree with this totally.

Alblasserwaard, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands
A sunbeam harp above the Alblasserwaard.

So, after a very long time, it was time to go out. Clear my head. Breath the air from the spring at the Alblasserwaard. Start a restart… I hope so.

And when the dark moods come, I try… and try… and try again to remember myself: My hope is in You alone. and therefore it is well, well with my soul. So, please hold me, in Your arms. Every day and every night. Thank You. Amen.