Lighthouse at Breskens

Lighthouse at Breskens

Here I stand, at the coast of Zeeuws-Vlaanderen, watching over the Westerschelde. On my right side stand the lighthouse between Groede and Breskens. It was a low tide. This was a typical morning that can turn in two ways. Will there be a nice sunrise here at Breskens?

It was cold. Autumn has arrived in the Netherlands. The wind was blowing from the North sea to the coast of Zeeland. And then… Yes! There was a gap in the clouds. Exactly where the sun will rise. The sky is slowly coloring. I love this.

Zeeland, Netherlands

When I shoot this photo this photo I drink some warm coffee and enjoyed myself with this wonderful sunrise. I hope that you also enjoyed this sunrise at the lighthouse by Breskens when you watch this photo.

I wish you all a merry christmas and a good, healthy 2022!