Zeeuws Vlaanderen is sometimes called the land of the Belgians reserve. But it belongs entirely to the Netherlands. You can get there via the Westerschelde tunnel. Although it is a short drive for some people, it is definitely recommended to visit it. The coastline along the Westerschelde and the North Sea is beautiful, and in some areas even rugged. I personally like to come to the Breskens region. The head of the land where the sea meets the river, beautiful!

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Storm at Breskens

A few weeks ago we stay, with my family, a few days at Breskens. It is always a pleasure to visit Zeeuws-Vlaanderen. Surrounded by the Westerschelde and the North sea, hopend on good conditions.


A beautiful morning at the coast nearby Breskens. This spot is called ’t Killetje. I have a lovely morning and shot also a small movie. Hope you like it! Several weekends ago we were a few days in Breskens, Zeeuws-Vlaanderen in Zeeland. A few days at the coast. Love it 😉 Our son is always wake […]

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