Hi, thanks for stopping by my website. So, a few words about me… Sander Poppe is a landscape photographer from the Netherlands. He love to travel, that’s his passion to photograph the beauty of landscapes. Sander is an autodidact. His knowledge is entirely self taught.

“The act of freezing a moment in time has forever changed me, helping me through some personal challenges. We live in a fast-paced world, but my time with the camera is where I am able to slow down and appreciate things in their simplest form.

On my website I want to share my passion with other people. You will find here many of my best photos.

Unfortunately, health problems ravaged a number of things.  I can’t give anymore workshops or lectures. To share my knowledge about photography, what I really like to do, I have written some books. My books can be found in the shop section on my website.

If you like my landscape photos, there is a possibility to hang one on your wall! In the same shop section you can find also my prints 😉

So, enough about myself and promotion of my work 😉 Enjoy the beautiful pictures on my website and if there are any questions you can contact me on the contact page!


Some things, good to know about Sander Poppe:

  • I’m a diabetic, type 1
  • I’ve a gluten problem
  • And some other physical problems
  • Love his family
  • Love landscape Photography
  • Love to travel, especially to the UK
  • Like to share some knowledge about photography
  • Like to share some love in this world
  • And above all, I’m a Christian. I can’t wait for His return to our world and that He heal this world again!