About me

Love, passion, travel

On my website I want to share my passion with other people. You will find here many of my best photos.

Unfortunately, health problems ravaged a number of things. I can’t give anymore workshops or lectures. I am very sorry about this, because I enjoyed doing this. But health and family come first for the time being!

If you like my landscape photos, there is a possibility to hang one on your wall! You can find my store to click on the blue button on the top from my website.

So, enough about myself and promotion of my work. Enjoy the beautiful pictures on my website and if there are any questions you can contact me on the contact page!

My socials:

Sander Poppe

some things

Good to know about me

My love for

My family, they are my everything!

My passion

To take the finest landscape photos.

I’m an addict

To drink fine and good coffee.

I believe

He is my only compass!