There are those mornings that, while photography at sunrise, you feel completely surrounded by grace. Similarly this morning near the Berwickshire coastal path at Eyemouth.

The sea was calm this morning at the peninsula. I stand on the edge of a cliff. Looking over the North sea. There was only silence. Only a few birds make some noise that they are an awake. You feel then inner peace. A very pleasant calm. That you can and may enjoy this beautiful nature. Surrounded by grace.

Was every morning like that morning … but unfortunately, the practice in our hasty existence in different. But we do this to ourselves…

It is a simple compostion. Nice foreground in a v-shape. some nice rock formations in the sea…. completed with a lovely sunrise and wonderful clouds. Photography does not always have to be difficult. Okay, I had to get out of bed early that morning …. that’s sometimes diffelcult enough 😉