After a gloomy, gray day I went to the beach at Dishoek. The weather forecast was a little bit of sunshine at sunset. This turned out to be right. The clouds rolled beautifully from the Zeeland landscape towards the North Sea. A great opportunity to make a long shutter time photo. The rolling waves turned into a sea of glass.

At the beach of Dishoek, Zeeland.

Personally, I like nice contrast in my photos, a little more saturation. I deliberately left this photo lighter and clearer. To approximate the effect of glass even better.

When I see this photo like this, and I also thought about it on the beach, it personally reminds me of something. As some people know I am a Christian. In the biblical book of Revelation there is talk about the sea of glass. This makes my mind wander …. wander to that one day. Hopefully soon 😉