Here I stand

I love this shot. The composition, the foreground, the sky… It makes or breaks a photo. For this one, yes, it makes! The location is the same as “Founding tranquility for my heart” photo. Nearby our holiday home at Porthcawl, South Wales.

A few minutes before this shot, after a warm day, I run back into our home. The rain came very hard down. When it was a minutes dry, I run back to the beach. The sky was dark, and with the last sunlight off the day in my back, makes this a colourful pallet.

The first week in Dorset was a little bit dissapointed. I know, last year was perfect. To perfect… But this week at Trecco Bay it makes it’s all well 😉

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I love taking pictures and tell about it, but am not a English linguistic wonder;-)