Brecon Beacons

Brecon Beacons

The Brecon Beacons are known as the waterfall county of Wales, and perhaps of the entire United Kingdom. It is a beautiful area where you can walk and of course spot waterfalls. A kind of paradise here on earth for landscape photographers.

Brecon Beacons
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Wash away

Another crazy title… What is he thinking? Yes, I know… In my last blog I told that I was strugle with my headache, sugars and more… So, I want create an end to this… Because, I can’t continu with telling all my troubles. You are walking, figurly, al away… So, wash away. Sometimes you need […]

The Fountain of life

One of the reasons why I want to visit Wales are the Brecon Beacons… Okay, Snowdonia is also on the list, but not this vacation 😉 Why Brecon Beacons? I love to shoot landscape photos with water. If you follow me the last years, you will understand it. And the Brecon Beacons have area which called […]

Landscape wall prints

With a suitable work of landscape art, you can turn your interior into a match made in heaven. Because than is it fine to be at home!