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About me

About me

Sander Poppe (1984) is a professional landscape photographer. Sander is an autodidact. He taught himself photography. By watching others and trying. The quality of his work became during his devlepments higher everytime.

Since 1st January 2012 is Sander a professional landscape photographer. His work is used by various companies and foundations.

De Zuidelijke Eilanden

De Zuidelijke Eilanden

Nieuw boek De Zuidelijke Eilanden. In het boek vindt u diverse landschapsfoto’s vastgelegd in Zeeland en de eilanden van Zuid-Holland.

Bij iedere foto vindt informatie over de omgeving of hoe deze foto gemaakt is. Op deze manier geeft landschapsfotograaf Sander Poppe een kijkje in de keuken hoe zijn foto’s tot stand komen. Meer info via deze link

Ouddorpse Dunes

June 30, 2015 Blog
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Sony A77, Sigma 18-50mm, Ray Master ND4 Hard Grad

When we stayed in Ouddorp, there was a whole week a strong wind on the beach. This was.

Lighthouse Ouddorp with the Milky Way

June 18, 2015 Blog
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Milky way at Oudorp

First my apologies. Sorry folks, this blog is only available in Dutch. Een tweetal weken terug verbleven wij.

Lightning and thunder at Vlissingen

June 16, 2015 Blog
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Lightning above Vlissingen

Some people say: you’re crazy! Others say: Risky! I find it a challenge. Actually, I was driven home.


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