Stand strong… When time flies away! – Part 2

Stand strong… When time flies away! – Part 2

It was a struggeling to get this image right. The conditions on locations where great. But it was to early in the morning to work with the rigth settings to get a decent histogram. So… When time flies away! Stand strong… I tell you why…

I worked with a F5.6 and a higher ISO. From ISO 640 to ISO1000. The results where very noisy…  To noisy. So I take for the sky several shots and blend these together in Photoshop to reduce the noise. That’s part 1.

And then part 2. The foreground is also taken with a F5.6, with a ISO400 and a shutterspeed of 30 seconds. I blend the sky into the foreground photo. I like easy, but it was after 6 attempts pass right… So I’ve a few new gray hairs extra ?

I love the mood in this photo. The sky and the lights where very nice in this blue hour. The softness makes the water feel like a pillow. And then the lines from the dike to the pier. It make the composition very strong, in my opinion then ?

So stand strong…. When the time time flies away. Work hard and you will get there! I have the ingredients to make the right photo and I want this photo… So I work hard and the struggeling was very worth it. So… Stand strong… In my opinion it that the base for all things. In live private, at work and also with a hobby. But above all, love it…. than it will work! 

So… Stand strong…