God’s nature

When you stand there, at the coast, and looking over the rough sea… you can only be still.

The high rolling waves… The wind is trying to blow you away … A salt layer is slowly building on your clothes and camera equipment … On that moment you realize: “There must be more!”.

Storm at Westkapelle, Walcheren, Zeeland, Netherlands

For myself, I believe there is a God. Who created this beautiful nature. And when I stand there, watching the storm, I can feel myself little and humble. God’s nature.

No, this isn’t a preach… Okay, maybe a little one 😉 But on so moment, when I feel the force of nature, it makes me also happy. On that moment I can forget all my disappointings. The storm of my diabetes, glute problems and other small complications, is replaced by some warm feelings…

But how hard I try to hold this good, warm feeling…. after a short while, when normal live is coming back, it is just a memory. But is a memory that give me new energy to continu… for myself, for my family and all other precious things.


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