Breathe again!

After writing my new book “Het grote filter boek”, finally a little bit more time. Time to make even more new photos. Hopefully, my health helps me a little. It’s time to breathe again!

It’s time for short holiday… We where going to Volendam! It was a strange week at Volendam. Strange? Mwah, not really. Autumn is on his way…. But I was hoping for some other weather…

Every morning there whas thik mist, after the mist there where clouds… Clouds with no contrast…. monotonous grey… After the clouds the sun came, milky… So not gorgeous sunrise and sunsets…

Not gorgeous? The first morning was okay 😉 But there was a stroke of thick clouds on the horizon. The sun wouldn’t shine his first light to me… But I get some nice colours in the sky just for a few minutes…

So, there I stand at the harbour of Edam. With a view at Markemeer. Lovely leadingline’s from the harbour port and fishingnets. I decided to take long shutter speed photos with the LEE Little Stopper.
In the middle of the photo I get some soft first light from the sun, with a nice glow on the rocks and water…. And that with no sunrise 🙂

One hour after sunrise the sun shine his face on me. High in the sky, with some milky clouds… I’ve had luck this morning… 🙂

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