When storms arrives

When storms arrives

Last Wednesday (13-09-2017) was the first autumn storm in the Netherlands. When I heard that this storm was coming on, I feel a nice tickle. What time is the flood? When is the storm at its furthest? All answers came together. Sunrise! A big smile appeared on my face ?

Then the question: driving in all early? Or the night before? And what location? It became Vlissingen. We drove it the previous night. Yes we stay with my family in Van der Valk Middelburg. Just spend a night there! Delicious!

Vlissingen, Zeeland, Netherlands
The Oranjemolen in Vlissingen.

At 5:45 am the alarm clock, clothes went on and in the car. Up to the kazematten of Vlissingen, with the subject of the Orange Mill (Oranjemolen)! On arrival it stormed deliciously. I count the waves, because in the waves is a rhythm. When does the highest wave come? Where am I safe?

Unfortunately, one wave blamed me …. Clothes totally wet, boots with a little water in it … But do not worry, I have fun! ?

Thanks to Van der Valk Middelburg, for the good service! For a while my clothes in the dryer of the hotel, and in the mean time watching the photos I made. What a life ?