Stand strong… when time flies away! – part 2

It was a struggeling to get this image right. The conditions on locations where great. But it was to early in the morning to work with the rigth settings to get a decent histogram. So… When time flies away! Stand strong… I tell you why…

I worked with a F5.6 and a higher ISO. From ISO 640 to ISO1000. The results where very noisy…  To noisy. So I take for the sky several shots and blend these together in Photoshop to reduce the noise. That’s part 1.


Sunrise at Westerschelde, Vlissingen, Walcheren, Zeeland, Netherlands

And then part 2. The foreground is also taken with a F5.6, with a ISO400 and a shutterspeed of 30 seconds. I blend the sky into the foreground photo. I like easy, but it was after 6 attempts pass right… So I’ve a few new gray hairs extra 😉

I love the mood in this photo. The sky and the lights where very nice in this blue hour. The softness makes the water feel like a pillow. And then the lines from the dike to the pier. It make the composition very strong, in my opinion then 😉

So stand strong…. When the time time flies away. Work hard and you will get there! I have the ingredients to make the right photo and I want this photo… So I work hard and the struggeling was very worth it. So… Stand strong… In my opinion it that the base for all things. In live private, at work and also with a hobby. But above all, love it…. than it will work! 

So… Stand strong…

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