Beacon of light

Beacon of light

We live now in a chaotic, troubled (corona) time. We are tossed back and forth. With our feelings, our physical complaints. Then we just need a beacon, a lighthouse in our life. A beacon of light. We resist or we embrace it. But it remains difficult.

I took this photo at Oostmahorn. It was an early morning. Something that was, for me, a long time ago. We stay ,with the family, for a long weekend at the Lauwersmeer, Groningen. The weekend started well but ended with gloomy and rainy weather. Despite that, we could not complain. In terms of photography, this photo in Oostmahorn was, after a long time, a beacon for me. A beacon of light.

My diabetes has been messy lately. For example, I was recently a few days in the hospital. I feel like, I have complications from my sugar. Nobody denies it, but getting a confirmation from doctors is completely another fact. In any case, I now remain extra careful with my diabetes and the corona pandemic.

My wife works in healthcare, in a nursing home. In this nursing home it is going completely wrong. When you see what it does to people. Healthy or ailing, young or old, corona prevails. Some with almost no complaints, but others die. Whether you think conspiracy theories or not. Let’s stay together. Treat each other with love. With understanding …

Oh yes, this week is diabetes collection week! As a diabetic I can’t let this pass by. It has dominated our family for thirteen years. So, it would be nice if we could cure this disease. Developments are fast, but there is still a long way to go. Feel free to give.

Collection for Diabetes Fonds

It’s not an obligation 😉 But I do appreciate it 🙂