• Portland Bill

    There he stand

    After the first beautiful sunset it takes a while to take the camera for the next evening. The skies where to clear… and in the evening arrived smog above the sea. Every day, every hour I checked the forecasts… finally the forecast show some clouds above Portland. The coast Durdle Door to kimmeridge the skies…

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  • Stair Hole

    Finally, we meet again

    Every time when we leave the United Kingdom, after our holiday, I feel a little sadness. The people, the country are so nice. And then the nature… It calls me… “Please, make a photo from us” 😉 After one year, we where back. Back at the Jurassic Coast. For one week. The weather was last…

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  • Dishoek


    For some time I walk with a photo in my head. Beautiful composition, beautiful air. It is a panorama photo of Dishoek. But this panorama photo will not taken with my Gigapan. He is too heavy… My back problems are still not over (yet). That’s why I bought something new! The Novoflex VR-System Slim What…

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  • Scheveningen

    Smashed again!

    Last weekend we visited Scheveningen. There was a “little” storm. This was a nice opportunity to make a nice photo from the pier, at the harbour. The waves smashed again and again on the rocks from the pier at Scheveningen. It was a great sight! The wind make me totally wet, but it was worth…

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  • Westkapelle

    God’s nature

    When you stand there, at the coast, and looking over the rough sea… you can only be still. The high rolling waves… The wind is trying to blow you away … A salt layer is slowly building on your clothes and camera equipment … On that moment you realize: “There must be more!”. For myself,…

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  • Edam

    Breathe again!

    After writing my new book “Het grote filter boek”, finally a little bit more time. Time to make even more new photos. Hopefully, my health helps me a little. It’s time to breathe again! It’s time for short holiday… We where going to Volendam! It was a strange week at Volendam. Strange? Mwah, not really.…

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