The all-round Leofoto LN-284CT Armor carbon stand including NB-40 ball head is part of the Leofoto Armor series tripods. This is a classic carbon stand with a fully adjustable ball head and a maximum carrying weight of 15 kg. One of the tripod legs is removable and can be used as a separate monopod. The Leofoto LN-284CT with NB-40 has a removable center column and is relatively lightweight.

Carbon stands are perfectly able to absorb vibrations. Moreover, they are comparatively very light and also very strong. The Leofoto LN-284CT carbon stand is no exception. It is made of 10 layers of cross-woven and reinforced carbon, so you are assured of an extremely strong but at the same time light tripod. The maximum working height is 169 centimeters and when you turn the center column the minimum working height is 21.5 cm. The Leofoto LN-284CT including NB-40 headset measures 50.5 centimeters collapsed, making it easy to fit the entire tripod into a suitcase. The carrying capacity of the Leofoto LN-284CT tripod is 15 kilos, while the own weight is only 2.27 kilos, including the ball head. A truly all-round tripod for regular use.