Portland Bill Lighthouse

During our holiday at Warmwall (Dorset, United Kingdom) we also visit Portland Bill Lighthouse. This location can be reached via Weymouth. If you drive through Weymouth you think, what a place… Press and chaotic. Total different from the beautiful places we stay on the Jurassic Coast. But when we arrived at Portland Island, the rest returned.

Arrived at Portland Bill Lighthouse, I choose a nice spot to make a good composition for my photo of this beautiful, rugged coastline. What a location!


Lighthouse at Portland Bill, Dorset, England, United Kingdom

What an evening! The clouds are special and very beautiful! And I’ve nice company 😉 After a while Dan came next to me. We talked about everything and everything. From locations in the Netherlands and England to the weather. Thanks for your company Dan!

There are more photos from this evening. Follow soon! I shake the photo results a little from the several evenings 😉

ps. Below a short movie of this evening. Sorry, it is in Dutch 😉


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