Kimmeridge Bay

During our trip in Dorset and Cornwall, we have visit Kimmeridge Bay twice. The first time we were there, it was a litlle disappointed. I had seen so many beautiful photos of the area. But I could totally find myself in it. After a walk around for a few hours, we went back to our holiday home.

Back in our holiday home, I went online again. Any other photographer can’t have it wrong? After a conversation with Dan (later in other blog more about this meeting), he gave me some tips. Ready for another visit at Kimmeridge Bay.

During this second evening, I shoot this photo. I place this one as first, because I like this one the most. A delicious serene photo with a long shutter time (105 seconds). I used a LEE Big Stopper and a LEE ND Hard Grad 0.6 filter. The conditions were perfect!

From Kimmeridge Bay I have made 2 other photos. One on the same evening and the other of the first trip. These will follow later. Finally, it must be a little exciting 😉


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