Kimmeridge Bay

During our trip in Dorset and Cornwall, we have visit Kimmeridge Bay twice. The first time we were there, it was a litlle disappointed. I had seen so many beautiful photos of the area. But I could totally find myself in it. After a walk around for a few hours, we went back to our holiday home.

Back in our holiday home, I went online again. Any other photographer can’t have it wrong? After a conversation with Dan (later in other blog more about this meeting), he gave me some tips. Ready for another visit at Kimmeridge Bay.

Kimmeridge Bay, Dorset, England, United Kingdom

During this second evening, I shoot this photo. I place this one as first, because I like this one the most. A delicious serene photo with a long shutter time (105 seconds). I used a LEE Big Stopper and a LEE ND Hard Grad 0.6 filter. The conditions were perfect!

From Kimmeridge Bay I have made 2 other photos. One on the same evening and the other of the first trip. These will follow later. Finally, it must be a little exciting 😉


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