Godrevy lighthouse

Godrevy lighthouse

During our stay, we driving on an evening to Gwithian (St. Ives Bay, Cornwall). A village at the coast, with the purpose to photography Godrevy lighthouse. On the way it was very quiet with traffic. As I wrote in a previous blog, it was nice weather with tight blue sky. But for this location I had a plan …

Arrived at location … what a hustle! Not normal … To many people on this little piece of this earth… You felt like a photographer being watched by hikers and sun worshipers, all the time…

Fortunately, I could concentrate myself. I wanted to make a long shutter photo of this beautiful location. It was a challenge. Because outside this photo, on the left side, the sun slowly disappeared. Without any cloud I need all my skills. I stand on a small rock with the sea around me. A challenge… But I succeeded! In my opinion ?

These were all my photos of our trip through the UK. It was a great trip!

At home, I troubled again with my health. So this is just the last photo I made since our Holiday. But some nice things wil coming soon ?